Based in Belgium

About Fresh Vintage

Fresh Vintage is a secondhand clothing store,
which collects some of the coolest 80s & 90s Vintage Street Wear around the world. 

The label was founded by Lise Staesa peculiar young woman that has always found more solace in ways of the old. 
There's always been a certain charm and sentiment there that reaches deep inside her soul. 

The coming of the brand started May 2019, offering a small collection of vintage pieces at local events. 

As of November 2019, the business gained foot in Antwerp, Belgium. Located amongst several other start-ups in its flourishing years,
Lise now finally found the perfect space to let her creativity unravel as it was meant to. 


Fresh Vintage

The 80s & 90s Collection represents a great deal of joy, happyness, love and a healthy dose of straight-out goofyness.
We always keep that mental state in mind while selecting our clothes.  


Fresh Vintage Art Wear

Additionally, a more sophisticated collection is being brought into play. These pieces contain a bit more heartfelt content and lean towards a more
artsy, ghetto chique style. These are all edited vintage pieces (by Lise herself).

#vintage #art

Fresh Vintage Design

This collection is neither vintage or edited. These are all new, home-made designs, with a well-thought out process. Most of them are vintage inspired or serve as a way to support or encourage you in your creativity or keep you in a high vibrational state - a.k.a proper rainbow mode, ready to shine your truest colors.  


We hope that's exactly what our clothes make you do - encourage you in your self-expression, creativity and keep you in an overall light-hearted mindset. We think the World would be a much more beautiful place if we could all just live our Truth.

(In a next stage we would also love to donate to organisations that encourage or endorse creativity in our education systems, as we see this as imperative to a happy and complete society. If you have any tips, let us know.)

Play around, have some fun. The range is ever-changing, yet marked by the same innate, indespicable taste. On top of that every single item has been freshly washed to suit your fitting needs. 

"To me, vintage clothing is about being creative. Looking passed size, gender and fashion trends. It's about play." - Lise